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As one would expect of a company whose obsession is to produce gloves that connect athletes to their sports equipment better than anything else, there are always likely to be enhancements and technical innovations that fine-tune performance to suit different techniques and skill levels.

That’s why we have good news for all passionate equestrian athletes who leave no stone unturned to improve their performance: The solution is called HIRZL GRIPPPTM technology . World-Beating advanced Grip -Regardless of your chosen equestrian discipline Hirzl gloves will give advanced assured grip and feel down the rein in any weather conditions.

That’s why HIRZL riders have their reins so easily and perfectly under control that they can fully concentrate on their environment and sports activity. At HIRZL, we think that gloves are not just a fashion accessory. We believe there is sufficient scientific, technical and ergonomic ways of improving gloves to enhance rider ability and performance and our ambition is simple – we strive to make the best gloves possible without limits. Hirzl make gloves and only gloves, they are the experts in performance sports gloves and their new dedicated Equestrian collection is unrivalled for grip, feel and performance.

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